Welcome to Ultimate Manifestation…

Hi and welcome to Ultimate Manifestation. Thank for visiting this site and my aim is to share with you free tricks and tips to develop your manifesting skills. These manifesting skills are sometimes ancient laws that are universal and trigger the law of attraction which welcomes an abundance of almost anything that you want in life.

If you are ready to take the next step in your manifestation journey you will also find amazing resources to industry leaders and their courses who provide time tested and proven methods to manifest almost anything in your life. 

Read on to hear my story and how using some simple manifesting techniques and some more advanced transformed my life for the better.

My Manifesting Journey…

My name is Jordan Daniels and I have spent years researching universal laws of attraction and manifestation techniques that have in turn helped me to bring an abundance of family love,  higher paying career role, transformed my health and of course welcomed much more money into life.

At the time of writing this in October 2018 I am sitting in my home office on the 36th floor in my quite luxurious apartment looking over South Stradbroke Island and the Broad Water with sights of the Hinterland on the Gold Coast.

The weather is perfect and the Gold Coast 600 Super Cars race is on providing a bunch of colorful people to this part of the world.

My son called me last night and we sat and talked about the plans we have for the future and ended the conversation I love you and have a great weekend. My career in finance is fantastic and I am respected by peers and the respect is mutual. I also have great relationships with my friends and family and much happiness and love is shared.

Now, I am not saying this to gloat or to say that my life is better than yours in any way because my life was not always like this.

Actually, less than 10 years ago I was living out of the back of red Holden Commodore on a staple diet of two minute noodles and anything else I could find for free, I had no money, what felt like no friends, my health was poor and my mind was broken and I had just lost my car detailing business that I had been operating for three years when the Global financial crisis hit.

How did I work my way out of having no money, poor health, no friends and mentally broken…

Luckily for me, although I was in a position that was beyond my worse nightmare and I was struggling to keep together mentally I still had installed in my mind that I could get out of the hole I was in and become something with my life.

I remember finally getting a room where I had a bed and I got myself a job tele-marketing, yes…money…well sort of.

The place where I lived was at the the top of a high hill and I had to walk up and down the hill, catch a bus 45-60 minutes into my full-time work each day to earn a minimum wage that barely kept food on my table. Not only did I have to travel on public transport and walk for two hours/day (my car registration had expired so I sold it cheap to pay some dues) but when it rained I would end wet with soaking feet by the time I got home. 

Although it was the most difficult time of my life I never gave up and then one day it all changed.

The Day It Changed…

One day I was in a small shopping center in Nerang and noticed a girl in the fruit and vegetable section wearing a shirt with a log on it that caught my eye. I struck up a conversation with this girl and it changed my world. The shirt logo was the name of a network marketing company and I was cordially invited to meet with some people who were making money promoting health products.

I jumped straight in and spent all my savings buying products and going to meetings with these people, I was super excited to be around people who wanted to help. One day Shirley the girl that I had met in the supermarket asked me if I had heard of a man named Jim Rohn and I had not. Jim Rohn is a world renowned self development coach.

I loved what he was teaching and what I was learning by listening to himself and as I gradually earned some more money I bought myself a Laptop and WiFi internet so I could find other speakers who could help me get what I wanted from life.

This is where it gets super interesting…One day I stumbled onto Universal laws!!! These are laws that are time tested and proven that if you follow them your life will transform for the better.

Universal Laws!!!

Did i mention this is where things get interesting. I started studying and listening to the industry leaders in manifesting, universal laws and self development. I spent thousands of hours listening to Dr Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy and so many more.

I started to implement the strategies that I was learning in my work life, in my personal life, my health and to my finances and as the industry leaders had said my life transformed.

I went from a minimum paid job to working for a multi millionaire who was a fine art dealer, I was driving a jet black Audi, living in a penthouse on the Gold Coast and spending good times with my friends…

I was back and I knew it and I keep revising and learning these laws and using manifestation techniques to this very day and my life keeps on transforming for the better. And it is my greatest wish that you can use these techniques and strategies to make your life the way you want it to be.

Why am I sharing the techniques and strategies that I have learnt?

I often get asked why I would share this information that can help others rather than keep it to myself. The reason is simple, by paying it forward positive things come back to me. If I do the right thing then the right things happen to me (this was a lesson from the Fine Art dealer that I mentioned earlier). The more that I can give to the world the more that I receive, it really is strange how it works but for every two I give I get one back and I believe for every one I take somewhere down the way I will have to give back two. So I have made it strict policy in my life to pay it forward as much as I can and I know that I will be payed back handsomely. IT IS UNIVERSAL LAW!!!